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About Us

PIONEER COACHBUILDERS SDN BHD (PCSB) was registered on 6 December 2001 to manufacture, assemble and fabricate bus bodies and special purpose vehicles.

Prior to the setup of PCSB, all the staff and contractors (100%) are formerly working for HUP LEE COACHBUILDERS SDN BHD (HLC). HLC started their operation way back in 1970's and have gain a lot of experience in the area of bus body manufacturing. On 28 September 2001, there is a change of ownership and the new owner decided to stop the entire operation in the month of December 2001. As a result of this, four key staff from HLC decided to leave HLC immediately and setup PCSB. PCSB was setup with the sole purpose of providing back up services, repairs, and continues with all the stranded works for the existing customer of HLC. The abrupt decision on the closure ofHLC operation has created a lot of problems for the customers (both government and private) and left behind about 100 workers without works. PCSB was setup with noble mission of solving the customer problems and as well as providing continues working opportunity for the workers.

The setup of PCSB has gained a lot of support from the existing ex-workers, ex-contractors of HLC, the suppliers and the customers. Business has been picking up since it started operation and doing better than HLC in 2001. The quality of work has also improved since all its workers and sub-contractors put in their best to ensure the success of PCSB.


As at 1st August 2005, the PCSB has 26 employees. The company has 18 group of contract employees who has a substantially number of year's experience and have contributed significantly to the success of the Company.

Our Major Customers

- State Government, Other Government organizes
- Local Universities
- Travel Agencies through out Malaysia
- Factory and School bus operators